The monument
Departure for a New World

Their names and fates shall be remembered and not forgotten. The Nordfriisk Instituut has erected a monument named "Departure for a New World" to honour these men, women and children.

The sculpture - a symbolic rendering of departure and crossing the waters - is comprised of three pieces. In their artistic combination these elements offer to the spectator as he walks around the sculpture from each side different views and insights according to his individual understanding. The names of emigrants from North Frisia will be engraved on the base of this monument to show that every "great emigration wave" consists of individuals and individual destinies.

The Nordfriisk Instituut allows anyone to pass on to future generations his own name or honour family members with a permanent inscription on the monument "Departure for a New World" - the names engraved there serving as a reminder for the living and are preserved for the future.

Why not take this unique opportunity and secure yourself a place on the monument to honour your ancestors or family members who have emigrated overseas ?

The inscribed names will represent the many, whose destinies will remain untold. They are, in fact, representatives of a major chapter in North Frisian and European history. Besides immortalizing the names of your ancestors and family members, your donation will help to support the activities of the North Frisian Emigrant-Archive.

inscription on the monument